Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pirikawau Translations Completed

The translations that belong to Pirikawau o Ngātiawa written in old Taranaki dialect have been completed.

We give thanks to our Koro - Doctor Huirangi Waikerepuru QSM, Kuia Mereiwa Broughton JP-QSM, Te Urutahi Waikerepuru, Tengaruru Wineera of Te Matahiapo Indigenous Research Center, Taranaki. click link Te Matahiapo Indigenous Research Center
The Ministry of Justice/Legal Aid has paid a sum for the true and accurate translations of old Taranaki dialect by the man credited as an expert in Taranaki Reo.  His activism with others was responsible for reinstating Te Reo back into the education system of this country, Koro Huirangi.  
It was his renowned credibility that enabled Ngātiawa WAI 1018 claimants to obtain funds for the translations.
Kuia Mereiwa Broughton has certified translations as a JP-QSM, seal and copyright belongs to registered Ngātiawa Iwi CC: 49951
We can say this is the largest investment Min of Justice has ever paid out to have translations done for any Treaty Claim in the country. 
The Ngātiawa ki Kapiti Coast whanau who owns these translations in 2015 are the blood of Pirikawau and Kahutatara te Pukerangiora, their son Hoani Pirikawau-Tamati his issue and mokopuna.   They know who they are... 
We give many thanks to Koro Huirangi, Kuia Mere, Urutahi and Tengaruru - thank you so much for being part of restoring the mana of our tupuna.  
We also thank David Stone our barrister who guided us through negotiations with Min of Justice.  So we could pay Koro for his incredible mahi.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog Stats Update - George Jenkins

2690 people are reading this blog a month majority on Kapiti Coast and South Island.

George Jenkins has been given permission by Ani Parata, Hemi Sundgren, Ben Ngaia and Cherie Seamark to speak on behalf of Pirikawau-Tamati whanau.  

He was taken to the TAIA Taranaki Treaty Claim Settlement by Hemi Sundgren and introduced by Peter Moeahu as the spokesperson for all of the Tamati, Mullen, Hughes, Grace, and Goodman Whanau of Pirikawau.

What they failed to do was make sure he had no drugs in his system, he went out to speak with protesters.  Our Taranaki whanau noticed his pupils enlarged, eyes red and he was unable to construct a sentence.  A trait of a person using "P."  The Taranaki whanau asked, "what is wrong with him is he retarded."  Shame on you Ben, Cherie and Hemi setting this up.
The Office of Treaty Settlements (OTS) and Waitangi Tribunal will breach our Treaty Claim Rights again and rights under the  NZ Bill of Rights Act.  If they force Pirikawau mokopuna to accept the directors of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust companies decision.  
Totally insulting all of Pirikawau mokopuna.  We will challenge OTS and Waitangi Tribunal on this unethical behaviour.
All responsibility lays with Hemi Sundgren, Cherie Thomas-Smith-Seamark, Ani Parata, Ted Parata and Ben Ngaia. the conductors in the back ground Danny Mullen, Ted Parata and Bill Carter their shame not ours. 
Open your eyes when his pupils are dilated he is off his face, eyes red, and when he cannot construct a sentence he is totally wasted...   Others can see this - why are you all being so blind?  Why would you permit someone in that condition to speak on your behalf?      
How to see a "P" user click link

Parata NKTI April 2015

The Parata - Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae claim WAI 88 & 89 NKTI 22 April, 2015 

Claim Trustees for Parata Whanau and Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae Claim - Chairperson Ani Parata, Administrator Loretta Pomare, Trustee Darrin Parata, Amiria Pomare and Karen Parata. 

Open by clicking linkParata NKTI Timetable April 22 
An embarrassment that affects the entire Parata-Ropata-Baker-Ellison-Webber-Pomare-Potini-Rikihana Whanau credibility and their Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae Claim WAI 88 an 89 is currently an issue being discussed with officials. 
What the Parata whanau need to accept George Jenkins does not speak for the entire Pirikawau-Tamati-Thomas and Grace Whanau for reasons everyone is totally aware off, his incapacitated state speaks for itself.  
His ex-employers the Crown have been formally notified.  
George Jenkins does not have permission to speak for Yvonne Mitchel on Airport WAI 609 and 608 claimant.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WAI 88 & 89 Parata/Stubbs NKTI

WAI 88 & 89 claimants Damien, Ani and Darrin Parata, Nga Korero Tuku Iho (NKTI) Hearing 20th April, 2015 at the Parata/Stubbs Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai Marae.

Ted (Tutere) Leader of Parata whanau, father of Damien, brother-in law to Ani & Uncle to Darrin have to supply there list of speakers for this hearing, to their barrister Moana Sinclair, by 20 March, 2015.
It is rather strange Moana Sinclair's original client Chris Webber with WAI 2361 is not listed for this NKTI.
Letter from the Waitangi Tribunal link: 
Parata/Stubb's WAi 88&89 NKTI 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Parata-Stubbs NKTI April 2015

The Ted, Damian and Ani Parata WAI 88 & 89 - Nga Korero Tuki Iho Hearing for the Parata-Stubbs Whanau at Whakarongotai Marae on the 22 April, 2015.

One of the largest whanau of Ngatiawa tuturu have been banned from Whakarongotai Marae, Waikanae according to reports from the Ropata - Parata Waikanae Whanau.  
The majority of other whanau on Kapiti Coast have stopped going to the Marae due to physical and lateral violence.  
They also do not support the breach of all tikanga maori principals that have been placed on the the customary land of their tupuna.  
click on link... Chief Judge C Fox directions
  NKTI 22 April 2015 Whakarongotai

Sunday, January 11, 2015

EDITED: Jan 2015 Block Banning Whanau at Whakarongotai Marae for Treaty Claim Cash

The show down DID OCCUR in the Parata Whanau, with Ted and Ani Parata.

Their decision as the Wi Parata politicians mokopuna is to block ban entire families. That do not fit the Parata criteria.  
Another Maori Land Court Case is pending, it is all becoming a joke.  
This is all about the Parata Whanau demanding they will take and receive the another Treaty Claim Settlement with WAI 88 & 89 exclusively as they did with TOKM fisheries settlement in 2005.
Excluding any whanau who are not compliant. Meaning the whanau who will no longer accept the "Lateral and Physical" that has been occurring since 1871.  The moment Wi Parata became a government politician. 
All WAI 1018 an 609 can say is THANK YOU FOR INCREASING THE VALUE of our Treaty Claims. 
The Ngātiawa Rangatira mokopuna who signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 have not had a Marae of their own to stand on since 1850's.  
With the sand erosion and theft of their lands by the politician Te Kakakura Stubbs/Wi Parata in 1873.  His pay of for being a crown loyalist.
We give thanks... and pray for your well being...
Remember Wi Parata did not sign the treaty for Ngatiawa at 4 years-old he was NOT an acknowledged chief 1840-1871 until he became a government politician .  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ani Parata Letter to Waitangi Tribunal

Stupid mistake made by WAI 1018 claimant who was conned in a very dishonest manner.  

click on link the original signed will be in Waitangi Tribunal archives. 
After this letter was written Mrs Pehi Parata demanded WAI 1018 hand their claim over to Ngati Toa as Ngātiawa had no rights on Kapiti Coast.  Te Kakakura Parata/Stubbs was the most important tupuna on Kapiti Coast.  He never signed the Treaty for Ngātiawa at Waikanae or on Kapiti Island.  He was only about 4 years old in 1840.  
 ‘The rangatira who signed te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840 did not cede their sovereignty to Britain,’ the Tribunal concluded. 
‘That is, they did not cede authority to make and enforce law over their people or their territories.’
The rangatira did, however, agree ‘to share power and authority with Britain.’
‘They agreed to the Governor having authority to control British subjects in New Zealand, and thereby keep the peace and protect Māori interests,’ the Tribunal said.
‘The rangatira consented to the treaty on the basis that they and the Governor were to be equals, though they were to have different roles and different spheres of influence. The detail of how this relationship would work in practice, especially where the Māori and European populations intermingled, remained to be negotiated over time on a case-by-case basis.’
The Tribunal said that, having considered all of the evidence available to it, the conclusion that Māori did not cede sovereignty in February 1840 was inescapable.
Ngātiawa Rangatira signed the Treaty in 1840, Taranaki (Owae Marae - Waitara) WAI 2228 and Kapiti Coast Ngātiawa claimants WAI 1018, 609, 612, 238 as of November 2014 now share the same legal team with David Stone (Ngati Kahungungu me Ngati Toa) and Gene Bagsic of Te Mata Law.  

Friday, December 19, 2014

NKTI Damian and Ani Parata United Joint NKTI

Ted & Damian Parata Whanau united with sister in law Ani Parata WAI 88&89.

FINALLY they have their Nga Korero Tuku Iho in the first quarter of 2015.   Parata whanau has given her what she has longed for
control of the Parata Marae claim and Parata whanau the 1995-2014 standoff finished.  They put the entire Iwi through so much anguish and deceitful behaviour  all these years, to give it to her in the end.  Every whanau in the Iwi was affected.

On 18 December 2014, Leo Watson, counsel for Wai 2390 (Benjamin Ngaia on behalf of theTakamore Trustees) filed a memorandum advising that his clients wish to reaffirm their position recorded in their memorandum of 19 September 2014 (Wai 2200, #3.1.639) that the Trustees are not in a position to engage in a NKTI hui process. 
On 18 December 2014, Moana Sinclair, counsel for Wai 88 & 89 (Ani Parata) and Wai 2361(Christian Webber) filed on behalf of her clients advising that Wai 88 & 89 claimants wouldlike to proceed with a NKTI hui in the first quarter of 2015, but Wai 2361 clients declined the opportunity to participate. 
Judges Decision and Instructions for the Parata whanau click on link Whakarongotai Iwi NKTI  
No doubt the mandated Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi Charitable Trust - Chairman Hemi Sundgren; Bill Carter, Daniel Mullen, Ted & Damian Parata, Andre Baker, Cherie Seamark & Kara Kearney-Parata and of course George Thomas/Jenkins ex-or maybe current Whakarongotai Marae Trustee Chairman are all very happy the Parata whanau is finally united with Ani Parata. Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi enjoy your decision. 
 Know who you are working with click link Methamphetamine-Long-Term-Effects  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

NKTI Filed late by Moana Sinclair Barrister WAI 88 - 89 - 2361

The Waitangi Tribunal Judge best be asking Damian Parata, if he has approved this statement by Ani Parata and Moana Sinclair on his behalf.   

Ted Parata father of Damian needs to be notified considering he was in the meeting with Richard Orzecki and Ngati Wehiwehi to get CFRT funding, along with the "P user."    click link WAI 88 an 89 Ani Parata says YES  for the Parata Whanau. 
WAI 88 being the 1987 Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi & Marae claim - WAI 89 is the Parata Urupa claim of which Ani Parata has NO blood connection she is an inlaw. 
Moana Sinclairs actual Legal Aid Client Chris Webber has joined the Parata Whanau - he does have blood lines to Parata Whanau and Damian Parata also present at the Richard Orzecki CFRT meeting.  "Says NKTI hui is premature."
click link WAI 2361 Chris Webber says NO
Utter conflict going on here Damian has stated publicly he will not work with his widowed Auntie Ani Parata on these claims at all.  Yet he chooses to let her file documents under his name, all we can say the Judge needs to get the truth on this issue. Or Damain needs to accept he is working with his Aunt and tell the Parata Whanau the truth.  He to can write a letter to Judge if he had the inclination and tell the truth - or stop lying to his father and Parata Whanau.
Then again we could be wrong and Ted and his sister-in law could all be pals again, they haven't been since 1995 when his brother died.  We do note the petition his sister-in law actioned is not filed with this document.
We are aware a letter was sent to the Waitangi Tribunal Judge regarding Ani Parata bullying  people to force them to sign petition.  Some signed to get her out of there houses and told her not to come back. 
"e kuri e te kai - e kuri e te kai"  system operating within Parata whanau - is making them look stupid.  Their is a resolution for them internally but huge egos will not let it occur.  
Arohamai to their Tupuna Te Kakakura Stubbs/Wi Parata and Waipunahau his mother.  Neither signed the Treaty o Waitangi in Waikanae or on Kapiti Island.  Wi Parata was about 3-4 years old in 1840 living on Kapiti Island claimed by Ngati Toa Iwi as theirs. 
WAI 2390 Takamore Urupa claim barrister Leo Watson has filed nothing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is representing Whakarongotai Marae

The assumed representatives are Ngati Toa-Raukawa-Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust (AWCT) with their mandated Iwi certificate.   Original Purpose of Ngati Toa-Raukawa-Ngatiawa Marae  (click link) in WAIKANAE under WAI 88 claim.

AWCT Chairman Hemi Sundgren, Bill Carter in the background pulling the strings with ex-Runanga volunteers and paid staff Cherie Seamark and Kara Kearney-Parata.  They all kept silent and maintained non-transparency as they currently do now in 2014 on the AWCT as volunteers and directors of their asset holding companies.  They covered up the redirection of Waitangi Tribunal Fisheries cash given to Damian Parata (sole director of Tihei Ltd) they stayed silent for 7 years and watched the people get ripped off.  They chose to be non-transparent.
In the background current and ex-company directors Ted Parata, Danny Mullen, Andre Baker and Bill Carter are pulling the strings. With the renowned Iwi methamphetamine (P) user who still owes his dealers a lot of money.  According to the Whanau who help feed his children, a previous employee of Min of Internal Affairs, mind you government may hire him back if he goes to rehab. 
Just know - all who read this he at NO TIME represents the Ngātiawa WAI 1018, 602, 612, 238 or Tamati/Thomas Whanau in any treaty claim process.  
Next, we have WAI 88 &89 Whakarongotai Marae claim represented by Moana Sinclair and Leo Watson according to memo filed to the Tribunal.  This claim is managed by Ani Parata who was bullied people to sign a petition for 2015 one day NKTI Hui.
Then comes the WAI 2361 Chris Webber claim represented by Moana Sinclair, he is not ready to participate in NKTI hui. 
Next is WAI 2390 Takamore Claim represented by Leo Watson, here is his directive from Judge Carin Fox 16 Dec 2014 click link
 Moana Sinclair-Leo Watson Directive
Leo Watson client states this…
Tēnā tātou,

Andre, thank you for your email.

in relation to your statement regarding the Takamore Trust, this hui has not happened.  Andre, your email is the first time I've read a direction that states that the Takamore Trust will be holding such a hui.  This direction is news to me.

I will contact Leo Watson regarding this.  I do not believe that this is in any way a reflection on Leo, who I hold in very high regard.  This is most probably something that has dropped off my periphery.  Anyhow, a hui of this nature will not be hosted by Takamore Trust before the end of the year.  Furthermore, it is more appropriate that Āti Awa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust be the host for this hui.  The Takamore Trust is not the mandated iwi authority to call such hui.  However, the Takamore Trust would most certainly support this occasion. 

On another note, I have told Leo Watson, Aunty Ani Parata, and Chris Webber that I wish to have no personal involvement in the treaty claims process.  However, I fully support the process taking place.

Nāku me ngā mihi, nā
Ben Ngaia
Te Āti Awa, Taranaki, Ngāti Ruanui
Pou Arahi
Te Tari Pou Whakahaere Tuarua Māori
QA - Mana Tohu Mātauranga O Aotearoa
125 The Terrace
PO Box 160
Wellington 6140
( (04) 463 3155
Takamore Trustees actually know nothing of this or the Hui filed by Leo Watson and Moana Sinclair in October.  They also have NO knowledge their Chairman has handed claim over to Ngati Toa-Raukawa-Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust.
According to Takamore Trustees, NO HUI was held or a motion moved or written in minutes to give this claim away or that the Chairman “wish to have no personal involvement in treaty claims process.”   
Finally we have the other WAI 88 & 89 claimant Damian Parata and the Parata Whanau, who do not want anything to do with the Ani Parata claim WAI 88&89, and are not named in Leo Watson and Moana Sinclair’s memo to the Judge. 
They are advocating and met with Richard Orzecki to gain Crown Forest Funding “to make some money” through Ngati Wehiwehi at Ohau.  Chris Webber is in here to chasing the dollars.  
Damian and his cohorts are on the crazy discriminating against Sexual Abuse Survivors (SAS) road.  They do not comprehend the NZ Bill of Rights Act that the government has to adhere too and cannot breach SAS Human Rights at all in a Treaty Claim process.

What do Ngātiawa WAI 1018, 609, 612, 238 say, we took good advice from our barrister David Stone we are having nothing to do with this internal chaos created by the Parata Whanau, other claimants and their legal representatives.  

We made the decision to not participate in NKTI as it was obvious a “e kuri e te kai – e kuri e te kai” system where no logical or sensible outcome could occur.    

In addition, we are there for the Kaupapa not chasing dollars or ego based accolades.  We paid for our own research; analysis and translations paid for by Legal Aid and now have our first draft of Ngātiawa WAI 1018 Treaty Claim Report almost completed, for the Ngātiawa Hearing.  

Our Ngātiawa Rangatira whom DNA runs through our blood streams in 2014 - that signed the Treaty in Waikanae, Poneke, and on Kapiti Island according to the Tribunal  “The rangatira who signed te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840 did not cede sovereignty to the British Crown, the Waitangi Tribunal has concluded.” 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Takamore Trustees - HUI a IWI

Why has the Moana Sinclair, Leo Watson - Takamore  Hui-a-Iwi not been advertised for the people of Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai .

As promised to the Waitangi Tribunal by Moana Sinclair and Leo Watson on the 24 October 2014.
This has not been tabled in the Nov 2014 Kaumatua Council Hui and Marae Trustees Hui no one knows anything about this, the Takamore Claimant is not permitted to speak with other claimants.  How will this Hui-a-Iwi happen with over 1500 registered Ngatiawa ki Kapiti Iwi members in 11 days.  Where at least 70% of the people have to attend 1050 people.  All have tupuna buried in Takamore Urupa.  If the Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust data base is used est-700 people according to their reports, there still has be 490 people in attendance.
Tēnā koutou katoa,
Proposal for a one-day NKTI hui for Te Ātiawa/Ngātiawa

11.    In our memorandum-directions of 3 October 2014, we requested Moana Sinclair, counsel for Ani Parata (Wai 22 & 89) and Christian Webber (Wai 2361), and Leo Watson, counsel for Benjamin Ngaia (Wai 2390 on behalf of the Takamore Trustees), to file a joint memorandum of counsel advising whether their clients wished to proceed with a one-day NKTI hui for  Te Ātiawa/Ngātiawa claimants in the first quarter of 2015 (Wai 2200, #2.5.89).
12.    On 24 October 2014, Moana Sinclair and Leo Watson filed a joint memorandum of counsel on behalf of their clients advising that Ani Parata supports holding a NKTI hui at Waikanae Marae, that Christian Webber is not in a position to commit in any substantial way to a Waikanae NKTI hui, and that the 

Takamore Trustees (Wai 2390) would hold a claims hui-a-iwi and bring together the Te Ātiawa/Ngātiawa claimant community 

to establish a representative committee to work through the constraints faced in holding a NKTI hui (Wai 2200, #3.1.646).
13.    We direct Moana Sinclair and Leo Watson
to file a joint memorandum of counsel 
providing an update on the claims hui-a-iwi and confirming whether or not their Te Ātiawa/Ngātiawa clients would like to hold a NKTI hui in the first quarter of 2015 by midday, Thursday 11 December 2014.
14.    If the Te Ātiawa/Ngātiawa claimants wish to proceed, we will issue a direction proposing a date for the NKTI hui once panel availability has been confirmed.
full document released 27 Nov 2014 by Waitangi Tribunal click on link WAI 2200 - 2.5.93 Te Atiawa